“Who and how real estate agents (realtors) can be targeting with Facebook Ads” edition | 006

Who to target:

  • Farm Area
  • Metropolitan Area
  • Homeowners
  • Avatar (Perfect Client)
  • Website Visitors
  • Engaged on your Facebook Page
  • Those who are most engaged on your website

How to target:

  • Farm Area
    • Geotarget by Address
  • Metropolitan Area
    • Geotarget by city + radius
  • Homeowners
    • Option on Facebook Targeting
  • Avatar
    • Age
    • Income
    • Location
    • Likely to Move
    • Likes other real estate Facebook pages
  • Website Visitors
    • Add Facebook Pixel to your website
    • Go to Create Custom Audience (Website Traffic)
      • Anyone
      • Specific Pages
      • Specific Pages but not others
      • Haven’t visited in a while
    • Create Audiences 30 to 180 Days of past visits
  • Engaged on your Facebook Page
    • Go to Create Custom Audience (Engagement on Facebook)
      • Anyone who visited your Facebook Page
      • People who engaged with any post or ad
      • People who clicked on any call to action button
      • People who sent a message to your page
      • People who saved any page or post


  •      All of these apply to Instagram as well