“What Are The Best Facebook Ads Campaigns For Real Estate Agents?” edition | 002

As of February 2017 Facebook Ads has 15 campaigns to chose from. Below, I have starred the ones that I have use and think are the best options for Realtors to use as campaign objectives for the Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ad Campaigns Objectives:

  1. *    Brand awareness
    1. Best for price per impression
  2. *  Conversions
    1. Facebook is going to serve to people who are going to convert your goal
    2. Most expensive price per impression
  3. Desktop App Engagement
  4. Desktop App Installs
  5. * Event Responses
    1. Like an open house or broker’s open
  6. * Lead Generation
    1. Form gets autofilled out
    2. Like CMA or How to Pdfs
    3. Or, sign up for showing
  7. * Local Awareness
  8. Mobile App Engagement
  9. * Mobile app Installs
  10. Offer Claims
    1. People will download an offer then contact you
  11. Page Likes
    1. Not worth doing
    2. Will pick them up from other ads
  12. Product Catalog Sales
  13. Stores Visits
  14. * Traffic
    1. Measures Website Clicks
  15. * Video Views
As a real estate agent, you can use just two to simplify and get started.  The two I recommend are first Brand Awareness and Video Views campaign objectives. These are the most cost effective at getting your name out to the most people in your targeted area.